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XQilla Developer Documentation

This page is very much a work in progress. It contains some notes as I learn about the XQilla implementation. This page is largely unorganized and will be mostly incomplete.

Doxygen Documentation

Architecture/Flow Control/etc

This would be a good place for a flow chart. For now, a list will get me started. This list is in regards to handeling an XQuery through the command line
more loosely defined. The properties include what parts of the dynamic context are used by the expression, what order we expect results in etc.


Make sure that the tests continue to work! You'll need to download the XQTS (XQuery test suite) test data from here:

Then run the tests using a command like this:
./xqtsRunner -e ../tests/xqts/xqts_testsuite/errors.xml -E
xqts-latest-errors.xml /home/jpcs/drop/XQTS_current/XQTSCatalog.xml 2>xqts-latest-errors

The "errors.xml" file contains a list of tests that are known to fail,
since at the moment we don't pass 100% of the XQTS tests. Specifying
this file to the xqtsRunner allows it to report to you a list of
"unexpected failures" (which are bad) and "unexpected passes" (which are

What's missing?


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