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Is a certain version of Xerces-C required? What is the oldest supported version of Xerces-C?

Dan Lewis
-- (2008-05-09 15:38:33)
Hi Dan,

For XQilla 2.1.2, Xerces-C 2.8.0 is required with the patches from the xqilla/src directory. I'm working with the Xerces-C guys to get the patches included in Xerces so that patching it won't be necessary.

-- JohnSnelson (2008-05-23 04:37:49)
Is this Library active? Are bugs on Sourceforge being noticed? Are all the developers on holiday?
-- MrThoughtful (2009-03-24 19:33:05)
The library is actively maintained, although I've been quite busy on a side project recently. I'll look into your bug as soon as I can.
-- JohnSnelson (2009-04-01 16:08:40)
XQuery is such a technique that is created in order to query XML documents using XML itself.
-- JeffRafter (2015-10-19 00:21:27)
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